Sandi in our Spinning Corral
Custom Finished Traditional with Lace flyer option.
Schacht Floor loom. Available in 36 & 46 inch high or low castle, 4 or 8 shafts.
Schacht Table Loom, available in 15, 20, or 25 inch width, 4- or 8-shaft
Schacht Baby Wolf, available with 4- or 8-shafts or 4 Now 4 Later.
Schacht Wolf Pup LT, 4-shaft, with 6 treadles for creative tie ups
Schacht Cricket Loom, the perfect starter rigid heddle loom, available in 10 or 15 inch widths with optional stand
Schacht Flip Loom, shown with optional stand and Flip Trap tool tray, available in 15, 20, and 25 inch widths.
Schacht Matchless Double Treadle
Schacht Ladybug
Schacht Sidekick
Blue Bonnet Fairy Thimble Folding Wheel
Merlin Tree Roadbug
SpinOlution Queen Bee
Kromski Symphony
Kromski Sonata
Kromski Polonaise
Kromski Book Charka
Kromski Fantasia
Ashford eSpinner. The ultimate travel wheel
Ashford Table Loom comes in 4 shaft, 8 shaft and 16 shaft with optional stand
Ashford Inkle Loom in two sizes
Ashford Katie Loom. A fully functional 8 shaft loom for sampling or traveling. Folds and stores in its own bag.
Ashford Knitter's Loom. A folding rigid heddle loom in 12in, 20 in and 28 in widths
Ashford Frame Looms in two sizes, Tapestry looms with stands also available
Ashford Wild Carder. Complete space saving carder.
Ashford Accelerated Charka
Ashford Elizabeth II with a 24 inch wheel. Also available in 2014 a 30 in wheel Anniversary edition
Ashford Country Spinner 2
Ashford Joy folding wheel available in double or single treadle. Comes with travel bag.
Ashford Traveler the original travel wheel available in single or double drive
Ashford Traditional available in double or single treadle, double or single drive. Lacquered or unfinished for your custom finish
Clemes & Clemes Traditional available in three finish colors
Clemes & Clemes Drum Carder with optional motor

At Purlescence Yarns we carry spinning wheels and looms to suit a wide range of spinning and weaving needs. We focus on  good fit and crafting ergonomics, so we highly recommend an in-person consultation to ensure the right wheel or loom makes its way home with you. You'll find equipment from Schacht Spindle Company, Ashford Handicrafts, Kromski, Clemes & Clemes, The Merlin Tree, Blue Bonnet and Spinolution. Please take a look at the images in our gallery,  it's just a sample of what we have in the shop for you to try.  We are happy to make an appointment for you to come look at a variety of spinning wheels and/or looms.  If you would like a quote via email, please fill out the form below.

Spinning Wheels & Looms

We specialize in spinning wheel repair and maintenance. Whether a new model, an antique, or vintage wheel, we offer regular maintenance services, cleaning and conditioning services, and repair services where parts are available. Our most popular service is our Spinning Wheel Spa Day where your beauty gets a thorough cleaning and diagnostic service for $80 + the the cost of any replacement parts. Use the form at left to inquire about  repair and maintenance services.